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It’s all about your comfort

In view of your comfort, we have patented an innovative and a highly advanced breathable Cool&Me® technology which keeps your body absolutely dry. Thanks to the hexagonal microchannel construction, Cool&Me® provides perfect moisture management – better than in any other fabric. It has been carefully designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Now you can really enjoy wearing shoes and apparel with this technology even after whole day. We guarantee its reliability.

How does Cool&Me® work?

Our formula is used mainly in shoes, namely in insoles. The Cool&Me® fiber consists of extremely small channels which have great features of air transportation. Thanks to them, even during the most intensive workouts drops of perspiration are constantly transported and channeled in your shoes. Simultaneously, a bit of fresh air from outside can freely get into the shoes, providing a pleasant cool feeling.

Cool&Me® offers a great skin temperature control and quickly removes any humidity that may appear. Day after day.

This unique Cool&Me® system prevents from accumulating the moisture and enhances drying which, in fact, is much faster in our system than in any fabric – nylon, cotton or polyester. You can be sure you will forget the feeling of wet feet once and for all.

Intelligent breathable system

Sweating is a natural process that cools a human body and is responsible for thermoregulation. Furthermore, it protects us from overheating. Every day we waste 1-4 liters of water. This amount increases rapidly (even up to 10 liters) during extremely hard training or working in very hot environments. Hardly anyone knows that over 70% of the sweat glands are located in the skin of our hands and feet. That is the reason why so many people complain about sweating feet.

We can’t eliminate sweating but we are able to reduce the negative effects of it. We have in mind not only a sense of moisture but also the odor. Sweat alone doesn’t smell but in contact with bacteria located on our skin gives an unpleasant stink. To prevent it you should choose the shoes with the Cool&Me® system.

It recognizes when you really need help with moisture management and immediately works. It doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you wear – safety shoes, outdoor footwear or sneakers – steady air circulation, provided by the microchannel structure of Cool&Me®, keeps your feet absolutely dry, fresh and cool all the time.

No more compromises

We spent long months and used all of our experience and know-how to create the Cool&Me® system. It was a real struggle of dozens of people, day after day performing to elaborate technology which would work in even the most extreme conditions. It was worth it.

Cool&Me® is an ideal solution for everyone who appreciates high quality products and the true comfort of wearing footwear. Those who are aware of the capabilities of our intelligent system, will be delighted. They will get ascertained that there are no compromises for us.

Where can you find Cool&Me®?

Cool&Me® is successfully used in work footwear as well as in sneakers or outdoor shoes. It works in the most extreme and demanding conditions where the reliability and comfort are highly desired. Find out who already use this unique technology.

  • Scandinavian shoe brand – the leader in the safety footwear industry. It is a company with many years of experience, high quality products and an extensive distribution network.

  • The epic Danish safety shoe packed with tomorrow’s technologies. Providing superior comfort and unseen lightness to the professional market.



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